Washington and Rainforest in July – Travel video

Our July in Washington

Our July was well spend in Washington (the state, not the city). We “hiked” Mount St. Helens, at least to a viewpoint, and got to see amazing rainforest. We kind of fell in love with Port Townsend but managed to leave it behind and took a ferry to Seattle…. but see for yourself. Find our…

Everything about our July travels


After one month of travel we returned to Hood River, as visitors, and stayed with friends for 9 days. First we camped on the street in the city and celebrated 4th of July with the lovely Burton family and then had a premium deluxe campsite next to the house of our good friend Jena! Such…

Our Month June in motion

June running

Here is our first month of travel in video. Bastian is going to make one each month, therefore he gets his own category here: Our Month in Motion. Check it out! To never miss a post, leave your email address here! We’d love to send you freaking amazing pictures from the Caribbean one day 😛

Volcanic activities in the Pacific Northwest


The very first part of our long journey became a Tour de Volcanos. We happened to live in Oregon and Oregon happened to be the state with the most volcanos in the US: 41 volcanos!! Plus there are 10 more in Washington, 13 in California and 20 in British Columbia. All that together is the…

First month travel summary

Running along ocean beach

Time is flying like crazy! We’re already traveling since one full month. It’s still a little bit like we’re in Test – Mode, gear is constantly re-evaluated, and we’re on our way back to Hood River for a couple of errands. I didn’t manage to blog much, not nearly as much as I wanted to.…